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Interior Design

At Creatively Simple, one of our favorite things to do is give your existing home a "face lift"!  Often times, we live in our homes and don't love how it looks or feels, but we don't know what to do about it.  We keep buying things, but this does not resolve the problem.  The good news is - we can help!  


By using our experience and knowledge of design elements, we can "re-design" your home with your own furnishings and create something you WILL love.  

Home Staging

Home Staging is the ideal method to maximize the selling price of your home.  We can use your existing furniture and fixtures in creative ways to increase mass appeal.  Occasionally, a few extra pieces of artwork or accessories are needed, but the majority of the time, you already have everything you will need!  We can help you simplify your decor and create space, so that your home will sell as quickly as possible.  

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