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Client Testimonials


I cannot overstate the value of Valerie coming to our home as we were in the process of preparing our home for listing.  She looked past the mess, engaged my 3 young children in the staging process (and put up with their antics) and made changes that I simply wouldn't have thought of myself.  I loved her simple style and learned so much through the process.  I appreciated that she worked with what I already had.  She wasn't at all pushy about needing to buy things that I otherwise wouldn't have bought, but she did have helpful suggestions in case I wanted to invest some money in the staging process (something we took her up on). Valerie went absolutely above and beyond and it paid off: we got competing offers and sold well above asking price.  I credit Valerie's professional recommendations for our home showing so well and I highly recommend her services!

Janneke P.

We had done a lot of advance preparation to get our house ready for sale, so when our realtor offered to have a stager come into our home to finalize the look before listing, we didn't feel there was much to do. However, when Valerie came into our home, we realized there were many changes yet to be made!  She had so many great suggestions in each and every room that made such a huge difference!  What I realized, is that when you are used to the space being a certain way, you don't see some things the way a professional does.  And Valerie knows her job!  Our home looked like a professional show home once she was done.  It listed a few days later at a price much higher than any other realtor had suggested AND SOLD IN ONE DAY WITH COMPETING OFFERS!  We are very grateful for the professionalism and expert advice we received from Valerie and feel without her, the home would never have sold this quickly at a price that high.  She is definitely worth the expense and we highly recommend her services.   

Madi G.

Valerie is our "go-to" Staging Consultant.  Her ability to understand and work with clients to get us all the best results is outstanding.  After having a home listed for some time and getting tons of showings, we brought in Valerie for expert advice - her staging & painting advice, made all the difference.  We quickly went to sold & our happy sellers are onto their next chapter!

Shauna Y. realtor

Valerie was highly recommended to me by a friend who was very pleased with the staging Valerie orchestrated for the sale of her home.  In fact,  my friend wished she’d decorated that way long before she moved!  I, too, was pleased to discover that Valerie beautifully staged my home.  The result was elegant and surprisingly spacious.  In addition to the magnificent transformation of my space, Valerie was personable, fun to work with and very supportive.  I join my friend in highly recommending Valerie to anyone interested in home staging — a fabulous result by a creative, caring and committed professional!

Janice C.

We worked with Valerie to stage our house prior to listing. Our house sold in a day and a half, thanks in part to Valerie. Her advice was so valuable and practical.  After switching around the furniture in our living room we wondered how we lived without that arrangement for 11 years!  We highly recommend her! Rosemary S.


I am selling my home of over 20 years - huge for me. I've been offered the help of a 'stager' to come in and help re-arrange, purge, make suggestions. I'm just a little apprehensive - but Valerie made it all so easy (and fun)!  She's professional, understanding, sensitive, kind, a good listener and really good at her job.  It's truly amazing what she accomplished in only 2 hours.  Maureen T.

Would highly recommend her if you want to just cut to the chase, make your home appealing to the buyer and do it right the first time, so the showing only needs to go for a short time before selling.   Corina B.

I had my home listed for several months and it just was not drawing enough interest, so it wasn't selling. Valerie spent a day de-cluttering and staging my home.  My realtor came and re-took the listing pictures and my home sold within a few weeks.  This was definitely a result of the staging, and I would highly recommend her services.    Clark L.

Your energy is the first thing that literally jumps out and greets a person upon meeting you, then your warm and welcoming nature invites us to stay and hear what you are saying.  Being from a different generation than you, I thought might be an issue, but you have an excellent “third sense” that assists you in hearing what we were saying and taking all of that into consideration.  When our realtor suggested we take advantage of your services I wondered, but in hind sight I am so pleased that we did.  ANYONE selling their home would certainly benefit from your services.   Michael C.


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